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Bali is ready for your expat lifestyle! With the growing number of expats in Bali, infrastructure in these areas has kept up pretty well with the demands and needs of foreigners. Options for both healthcare and schooling are more than adequate, offering solutions for the varying needs of individuals and families.

International Medical Centers
As a top choice among foreigners, International Medical Centers offer the highest standards available in Bali. The doctors and surgeons are experienced, attend international seminars and speak English very well, while the facilities themselves are among the most sanitary and modern on the island.
BIMC & Siloam are at the top of the list and are jointly owned. BIMC’s Kuta location is strategically located for ease of access from the main tourist areas of Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu and Sanur; while Siloam has locations in Kuta and Denpasar to service those same areas. Sharing both the name and the facility, BIMC Siloam in Nusa Dua is easily accessed for those in the southern (Bukit) peninsula of the island. For those located slightly further north in the area of Ubud, there are a handful of options, most notably BIMC’s Ubud location.


International Schools
Bali has become an alluring hotspot for expat families with children. With a selection of International Schools such as the Green School in Ubud and the Montessori in Canggu, education in Bali has gained worldwide notoriety for the groundbreaking approaches to education that not only consist of traditional curriculum but also includes elements of sustainable living and eco friendly lifestyles and self-sufficiency. Due to the large number of expats from certain countries, there are even schools such as the Australian Independent School and the École Internationale Française de Bali (or the French International School of Bali). One of the larger and more established schools, Gandhi Memorial Intercontinental School, has been operating for approximately 10 years. It is located in Renon, Denpasar and is a popular choice for those living in the areas of Sanur, Kuta, Denpasar and Jimbaran.

In addition to elementary, primary and high schools with this modern day approach to education, there are also several pre-schools with similar styles. Bali Kiddy School and Sunrise School are very popular choices among expat families for the earlier years of schooling. International Schools offer language classes taught by native speakers and a diverse cultural mix that has become increasingly desired by the global community.

National Plus Schools
Offering more economical options, National Plus Schools combine higher end local curriculums along with language classes taught by native speakers (most commonly English and Chinese). These schools usually have swimming pools and playgrounds, along with many extracurricular activities.