Luxindo Property offers a range of unique and exotic villas across Bali and its neighboring islands. Choose from beachfront, cliff top, ocean, ricefield, jungle, river, and volcano views; or consider more central locations in close proximity to shopping centers and International Schools. Luxindo Property represents the best of luxury residential and commercial properties available in Bali. Home to a diverse melting pot of nationalities from around the world, Bali is a property paradise that will bedazzle you with beautiful architecture that only the Island of the Gods can offer. From traditional styles such as the authentic Balinese thatched roof or the Javanese teak ‘Joglo,’ to the sleek and modern contemporary minimalist architectural designs, Luxindo Property represents nearly every kind of private and commercial, leasehold and freehold property. Open or closed plan living, en-suite bedrooms, customized bathrooms, luxurious modern kitchens, tropical gardens, long overflow swimming pools, beautiful interior design; all of our villas are carefully selected with our professional expertise to give you the best quality and value within a variety of price ranges. Tell us about your dream villa and we will bring you the key!